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The Flooring Centre Blog | Inspiration and tips for your home

Lay back, put your feet up, and take a leisurely browse through our blog posts for some inspiration. From our beautiful Feature Home posts, looking at our clients amazing new builds and renovations - through to commercial projects and our hottest flooring tips. Check it out below >>>

2023 Flooring Trends Thus Far

July 28, 2023

With products and trends constantly developing, there’s always something new when it comes to flooring. Whether it’s a style from decades gone by making a comeback, or a timeless design still holding its own, the latest flooring trends are a great starting point when thinking about your floors and offer an endless amount of inspiration

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Flooring - You Get What You Pay For Right?

July 10, 2023

It seems like everything is only going up in price right? From groceries to petrol and utilities, nothing is immune to the endless price increases we’ve seen over the last couple of years. As a result of this, many consumers are looking to cut costs wherever possible and undoubtedly this includes floorcoverings. We’ve all heard the old adage of “you get what you pay for” but does this ring true for flooring? Let’s take a look.

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Lady Wigram Retirement Village Part ll

June 26, 2023

Walking into the newest building of the Lady Wigram Retirement Village could be compared to entering an exclusive 7 star resort. Exuding luxury, every detail has been carefully considered.

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To rug or not to rug?

June 19, 2023

Rugs. They’ve been around for thousands of years with many ancient civilisations weaving their own out of the materials they had on hand such as reeds, grass, and animal hair. Our rugs today, made by machines, couldn’t be more different but they still have the same function – to provide comfort, warmth and style. Let’s explore the place that rugs have in our homes today.

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What is E3/AS1 and what does it mean for me?

June 12, 2023

E3/AS1 has been a big topic of conversation here at The Flooring Centre over the last couple of years. To most, it probably sounds like a whole lot of boring, technical jargon so let’s break it down into something simpler and easier to understand for the average person.

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Feature Home: Luxury and Timeless Style Restored

May 22, 2023

This architecturally designed Avonhead home with a rural outlook has undergone a stunning flooring transformation. Over the last decade, it had suffered extensive damage during the various earthquakes that Christchurch became known for and the time had finally come for the flooring to be replaced, out with the old and in with the new! We recently had the privilege of visiting this beautiful home to see the incredible transformation for ourselves.

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Vinyl Flooing - yay or nay?

May 12, 2023

Without even noticing it, we’ve likely all walked across vinyl flooring somewhere, at some time in our lives. Perhaps sheet vinyl in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry of the family home we grew up in, or the commercial vinyl planks at our favourite café or restaurant. It’s pretty hard not to come across vinyl in one form or another!

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Carpet Fibre Types: What's the difference?

April 13, 2023

Carpet. It’s something we all tread on daily but often don’t give much thought to. It’s in our homes, our workplaces and so many of the places we visit often. It provides warmth, comfort, insulation and even noise reduction! Carpet typically covers 70% of the floors in our homes and with so many options when it comes to fibre, cut and colour, it can be hard to choose! Let’s delve deeper into the different fibre types you can choose from for your carpet: Polyester & Polypropylene, Solution Dyed Nylon and Wool.

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New product: TimberTop by Jacobsen

April 3, 2023

We were very excited when we found out that Jacobsen were releasing a brand new timber flooring range to meet market demand! TimberTop is a stunning yet durable engineered timber flooring range that combines the best of style and practicality. Keep reading to find out more about this exciting new product and how it ticks all of the boxes!

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What is the difference between laminate flooring and hybrid flooring?

February 7, 2023

What is the difference between laminate flooring and hybrid flooring in New Zealand?

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