Cavalier Bremworth Pebble & Braided River NEW PRODUCT

Posted November 18, 2019

At The Flooring Centre our customers are continually drawn to the quality and stunning use of textures used in Cavalier Bremworth’s New Zealand made luxury wool carpets. We were absolutely blown away to see their latest on trend product ranges that are so intrinsically linked to the rugged geography of New Zealand - Pebble and Braided River.

Home interior trends we are seeing emerge are echoing nature and organic forms within our homes as we head into 2020 and the decade beyond. For this reason we believe that Cavalier Bremworth’s newest ranges Pebble and Braided River are going to be top sellers in 2020. Not only are they on trend but long term they will offer texture to your home in hues that will last the test of time.

Cavalier Bremworth carpets are the culmination of many talents, influences and generations of experience, which is more than evident in the beautiful ranges that make it onto the stands in our showrooms. Their masterful designers intimately understand the medium of fine New Zealand wool and how to bring its unique properties to the fore. Taking cues from New Zealand’s natural textures and patterns, they have fused heart, head and hand to create designs of unique style and elegance.

Little else compares to the design and performance of wool. It's natural comfort, resilience, design qualities and luxurious beauty. Not only is wool sustainable but it will benefit your home and health with it's unique properties. Wool works to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It's naturally hypoallergenic and can help cleanse air, resist odours and control moisture. Wool is also flame resistant and repels most kinds of stains.

The felted woollen yarn innovated by Cavalier Bremworth has meant that a truly unique product is on offer. Using their exclusive felting process in place of wool spinning, they have been able to craft a thicker stronger and more luxurious woollen yarn with brilliant colour capabilities. The result is a stunning floor that offers superior performance and longevity - not to mention truly unique design options that are beautiful to look at and a dream to live on. 

Photo: Installation of Pebble in colour Queenstown Hill.


Smooth, distinct and perfectly formed, Pebble draws its natural beauty from the timeless riverbeds and shorelines of Aotearoa. Pebble delicately combines subtle colour variations and textures into an aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Soft and sophisticated, this exceptional new carpet will bring a natural, earthy feel indoors.

  • 100% Pure New Zealand Wool
  • Felted chunky loop pile


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Braided River

Braided River has an inspiring natural beauty. It uses unique dye techniques and traditional yarn spinning to create an  innovative effect of a braided river on your floor. The soothing repetition of these gently winding curves provides a peaceful rhythm and calming influence for any home.

  • 100% Pure New Zealand Wool
  • Felted chunky loop pile


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Not only will Pebble and Braided River add wow factor to your new build or renovation as carpet, but you can also order them as custom rugs to perfectly fit any space that needs it in your home. This is a great option for those that are using hard flooring throughout their living areas and are looking to feature a stunning textured wool rug. Get in touch today to talk to our team about ordering your custom rug.

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