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Carpet Colours in NZ

Posted January 5, 2022

Carpet colour is usually the first thing on the list for a carpet buyer - followed by all the important detail like price, yarn and installation! But colour really does have an affect on our home life - flooring after all covers the largest part of our house, apart from the walls.

90% of the time we help customers choose between a few shades of grey or beige. The truth of the matter is, there are a fair few people out there who are scarred by flashbacks from the 90s - or worse yet, are still living with the reality of the blue or green carpet that took the decade by storm. Grey carpet is 

safe. It mixes and matches. It wont date quickly and it's become the go to - hence why we have several hundred options for grey carpet (which are all surprisingly different from each other).

But, the 2020's have arrived and colour has arrived too! While many are choosing to amp up the colour in their homes with a cheeky feature wall or luxe wallpaper, others are taking the crazy world we're living in by the horns, and throwing Indigo, Sienna or Sage straight at the floor.

If you're after carpet with colour in NZ, find our top three ranges featuring colour below. 

1. Bremworth, Galet (Sienna, Featured in photo banner at the top of blog)

Bremworth saw the future and were one of the first to bring out a luxe carpet with punch. Sienna, Indigo and Sage are a stunning range of earthy carpets that have wowed in the New Zealand market with their addition to the Galet range. New Zealand felted wool has been woven into a loop pile carpet that really creates a unique luxury look while feeling oh so soft to walk and live on. Designers have literally gone "loopy" for this one! (Featured colours below are Indigo, Sage, Sienna)


2. Feltex, Artisan (Photos below feature Blue Persian and Tartan Belle)

Artisan brings colour and pattern to the table with a stunning array of coloured Persian patterns through to checks and crosshatch designs. Crafted from a rich blend of premium wools, this quality Axminster combines comfort with durability. 


3. Belgotex, Softology 301 (Photo (right): Features Swoon)

From traditional to quirky, this range of oh so soft premium solution dyed nylon carpets really is the most romantic of the bunch. From dusty greys through to soft pink (Dahlia) and onto maroon (Swoon), if you're after colour, this is the range that you're after - and it also has a few options in there for the grey lovers! (Featured colours below are Dahlia, Suave and Kush, Softology 301)

To be fair, we know that when it comes to choosing carpet colour in NZ, most of you are thinking a shade of grey - so here our out top five tips on choosing the right shade of our best selling colour. 

1. Take the samples home and look at them at different times of day. (Photo (right) Features Boden, Crosbie by Signature Floors)

Grey actually comes in a myriad of colours from brown toned greys, to blue greys and even purple greys and more. Green greys can be to some likings and even pinky mushroom greys - and preference for each means that from the hundreds of greys we have, sometimes picking the perfect one can be tricky. That's why when it comes to any coloured carpet you are best to take a sample home and try it in lots of different lights - as different lights can affect the tone.

2. Put the sample on a white background so colours around it don't warp the colour. 

Put the sample down on a white sheet - so that other carpets and furnishings around it don't warp the colour - and look at it from a distance. This is closer to how you would see it when installed. 

3. Keep in mind that carpet looks lighter once installed. 

When you are choosing carpet, it helps to remember that carpet looks about 20% lighter when installed in room, compared to when looking at a swatch. No matter what colour you're choosing, remember to factor this in. 

4. Remember that if you're renovating you need to make sure that your carpet is going to match the drapes - and other soft furnishings or existing flooring. 

Something we help customers figure out on the daily is how to match what they have with what they're buying. We have some great neutral colour options that we know mix and match really well. The colour Anchovy for example which is available across three Godfrey Hirst ranges is a great neutral that works with lots of different colour schemes. 

5. Don't just focus on the colour.

While the colour is important, it's also important to consider the yarn, the weight and the underlay you're planning on using. But - that's info you will find in the next blog!

And to finish... we better tell you what our best selling grey carpet is.

Our best seller is the colour Cockle from the Pleasant Point range although Cockle is available across muliple ranges at different price points. It's so popular we have put it down in the showroom in a heavier weight called Wattle Bay. Pop in for a browse if you think Cockle could be just the colour required for your new carpet!

The verdict on choosing carpet colour in NZ.

Grey carpet is basically the vanilla of the ice cream world. It's delightfully simple yet delicately subtle. It's going to stand the test of time. It's going to mix and match with almost anything and it's going to be all around a simple decision with not too much risk. 

But, if you are keen to dip your toe in the wonderful world of colour - also feel free to give us a holler. There's nothing we love more than a pink bedroom, a turquoise lounge or an ochre stairwell to mix things up!


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