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Posted January 20, 2020

Simon purchased the house in 1999 and Katrina moved in a few years later in about 2006. The humble 1930's bungalow sits among others in a tree lined street and major renovations have been undertaken to bring it up to it's current state.

Stripped back and reconfigured, the exterior and interior have been carefully taken apart and then laboriously put back together. Small windows have been replaced with french doors in the living areas and the open plan living was created by opening up six separate rooms to create a modern open plan layout.

Having renovated over several years it was finally time for the finishing touches! With daughter Sam finishing school this year Katrina took the leap and installed her dream carpet from Cavalier Bremworth's Galet in colour Dolomite. The installation of the carpet was the final step in completing their stunning home and runs through the bedrooms, hall and "Gin Room" (more on this later).

Cavalier Bremworth, Bremworth Collection, Galet in colour Dolomite runs through the bedrooms and hall.

The texture is stunning, the colour is dreamy and the overall look is set off by Katrina and Simon's great taste in furniture, accessories and an array of lush house plants. 

Katrina says, "We are fairly minimal in our design aesthetic enjoying a simple black and white colour palette with some earthy tones to balance it out. We  don’t like too much clutter or over styling and each piece is carefully curated, there is one  exception to this rule being plants."


Katrina and Simon really love mixing modern and vintage which is evident throughout their home with a selection of collected items - each with it's own story of acquisition. The ski's in the hall were gifted to Simon (a keen skier) who worked at the Coberger Ski Shop in Christchurch until it's closure in the late 1990's. They now take pride of place, displayed in the entrance hall.

The aptly named 'Gin Room' off the lounge really acts as a formal living space, giving them a break out room for reading and relaxing.


While the original rimu tongue and groove flooring throughout was sound, it was in need of some care and attention. They took a leap and painted the boards white. It creates quite the feature and paired with the Dolomite carpet is a winning combination as you can see above. 

Because we know you all want to see the finished results of the painted white floor, Katrina has kindly provided some photos of her living area and kitchen for you all to see - and to help visualise the rest of this stunning home... we know you won't be disappointed!

Katrina is also a keen photographer in her spare time and took the attached photos for us. 

We know you're thinking - "what about keeping it clean?". Katrina says that it's easier than the almost black timber they had before, it shows less marks and dust - actually making it easier to maintain than the previous flooring. 

A massive thank you to Katrina and Simon for sharing their gorgeous renovation with us! Katrina is a flooring consultant at The Flooring Centre, Christchurch. If you're keen to get some help choosing flooring for your project, you can get in touch by phone or pop in and have a chat. 

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