Hard Flooring VS Carpet

Posted November 4, 2019

When people are building their homes they are now more than ever considering hard flooring throughout, often only carpeting the bedrooms. Hard flooring has come such a long way with an array of solid and engineered timbers, tiles, luxury vinyl tiles and planks, laminates and hybrids making it possible to get both a beautiful and functional finish. 

Hard Flooring

With kids, pets and how your house is used, the best product for your situation could vary from laminate to tiles or vinyl to timber - there are so many options!

Overall hard flooring is easy to keep clean, creates continuity throughout the home and even comes in a range of options that can be used with underfloor heating if required. These days many products can be used throughout, as well as in wet areas like bathrooms, which in the past often wasn't possible - but make sure you check with your sales consultant on suitability of products.

Hard flooring, depending on what you chose can create echo, so remember to factor that in. It may mean you need to consider some rugs on the floor to absorb sound in the space. Read more on area rug options below.

If you're considering hard flooring, particularly timber, discuss with your consultant installation costs and how that will affect your budget.  Have this conversation with a consultant during your initial enquiries as they will be able to give you ball park figures around this, ensuring your time isn't wasted looking into products that won't meet your budget. 

Installation Photo: Features Hurford Blackbutt timber from the Australian Native collection.


Carpet softens a space and it's lovely to lie or sit on if you spend lots of time on the floor. It can even make as much as 10% difference to the amount of heating or cooling you're using in your home due to the extra insulation carpet and underlay provides.

Carpet comes at a price point to meet nearly every renovation budget, and not only that but you can also get a multitude of colours and textures to meet every taste. 

Cleaning carpet can be a little more time consuming if something is spilled or muddy feet walk across it, hence part of the reason for the increase in hard flooring throughout homes. But on the whole there are some great options on the market, including some that are even stain proof and some that have warranties to cover food and beverage soiling.

Carpet may be becoming less popular in living areas but it is still the most popular option for bedrooms in New Zealand with people preferring to jump out of bed onto a soft surface - particularly on frosty winter mornings. 

Installation Photo: Features Cavalier Bremworth Valour in colour Dignity.

Still not sure? Do both!

Funnily enough we are seeing a lot of people go for hard flooring at the moment and then adding area rugs made from carpet. Often these are made from stunning luxury loop pile wool carpets that bring texture to the space and allow for the benefits of carpet while offering a little more flexibility.

Carpet rugs are popular because they're cost effective, add warmth to a space and are custom made at the perfect size for your room - you can even get them made in circles or ovals if you prefer!

There are also lots of different options for binding rugs, so make sure you check out what's possible with our team in-store.

Photos Left: Cavalier Bremworth rugs in Lisburn Damask and Foss in Leicester.



There is so much to choose from and so many options when it comes to flooring. We highly recommend popping in to visit our team at one of our show rooms to help you make the perfect selection for your home or project.

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