NEW: Extra Large Take Home Samples

Posted April 9, 2021

Bremworth Wool Sheep pose with carpet samplesOur new collection of extra large take home samples from Bremworth features some of our most popular textured wool carpets. 

Our extra large samples measure a minimum of 900mm by 600mm and reports back are that it has changed the carpet buying experience. Bigger samples mean a better idea of colour and how it will look installed, a better idea of how the light will effect it in your space and what the pile will look like en masse.

You can see in the Tussore carpet (first  carpet on the left in the photo) how the raw silk slubbing effect appears randomly throughout the carpet. It provides a gorgeous striated look on the floor and the extra large samples really showcases it's stunning appearance. 

When looking at standard samples, it can be more difficult to illustrate to customers the effects. As you can see from the swatch image below, so many of the stunning Bremworth carpets have organic features like this and our super sized samples really help to imagine the possibilities within our clients spaces. 

So pop in, have a look around and come and have a chat to me about your next project
- and take home one of our beautiful new extra large samples!

Happy carpet hunting!








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