The Bremworth Collection

Posted September 11, 2018

Felted Wool Luxury

Have you ever stepped onto a luxury wool carpet and felt your feet relax immediately into it?

The Bremworth story is New Zealand. Beautiful and luxurious wool carpets created right here in Aotearoa from uniquely developed wool yarns and traditional production processes. The biggest benefit of wool carpet over other synthetic options is that the natural fibre means potentially reducing your energy costs by up to 12%, by regulating temperature and humidity.

This specially formulated collection is made from a custom designed felting process, unique to Cavalier Bremworth, created to produce the most luxurious in carpets.

Where is the wool coming from?

Sourced from specialty wool farms in New Zealand, the Bremworth Collection is hypoallergenic, fire resistant and will naturally control moisture. The sheep the wool comes from is grown in open pastureland following sustainable animal-friendly practices, resulting in happy flocks and a superior quality product.

Renewable sources, natural and biodegradable – what more is there to love?

Not only does it make sense from a practical sense, but it also looks the part. Beautiful felted wool of exquisite craftsmanship, that is soft but strong. This carpet will give your home depth in design, adding texture and warmth to your space.

Not ready to re-carpet your whole home?

Do you love the Bremworth Collection but it’s not the time to re-carpet your whole home - you can now order the Bremworth Collection as a rug to give depth and texture to your current flooring. Contact us for great prices on this alternative carpet option which is custom made to fit your space.

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