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Why Garage Carpet?

Posted February 3, 2022

Garage carpet is new addition to flooring that has come about in the last few years! As strange as it may seem... it's definitely a worthwhile addition to the home and here's why.
Garage carpet can be a great addition to the garage for a number of reasons:
  • Perfect for spaces where vehicles or boats are stored as it's very durable while also visually appealing
  • A cost-effective way to tidy up an existing garage floor
  • Minimise risk in the garage by reducing potential slips on wet days
  • Convert the garage into a games room for the kids
  • Convert the garage into a home gym or even simply somewhere to let the washing dry on rainy days
What are the main benefits of garage carpet?
  • It's extremely durable; so much that it is often used in commercial settings
  • Provides great insulation for the garage
  • Easy to clean - it's as simple as running the vaccum cleaner over to get it looking clean and tidy again
  • It is waterproof which means that it won't rot or smell; the water will just evaporate
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • A cost effective solution to make your garage look as good as new
Where else can you have garage carpet?

Needle-punch (garage carpet) is great for garages, but it can also be used in a variety of commercial settings as it is highly durable, low maintenance and cost-effective.

It could be used in practically any setting including schools, exhibition centres, warehouses and offices.

What is garage carpet made from?

Garage carpet is different to the more traditional carpets for your home; it is made on a special 'Needle-punch' machine that is different to the usual “tufting” or “woven” methods of carpet manufacture. It is made from 100% Polypropylene fibre and is constructed by interlocking short individual fibres together using a series of barbed needles. All the fibres are anchored into either foam, latex, resin or a gel rubber backing, giving excellent stability and long-lasting durability.

Purchasing garage carpet from The Flooring Centre

Our team have a variety of garage carpet solutions available. We stock the colour Anthracite from Belgotex and it tends to be the most popular choice with its smart finish.

We have samples available and a wider range available to view in store if you're interested. 

Our team of flooring specialists are here to help and offer advice at any time. With years of experience behind our whole team, we're proud to say that we are able to help with any flooring requirements.

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