Laminate & Hybrid

Laminates have made a huge come back in flooring and look better, perform better and feel better than ever underfoot.

Use of Hybrid flooring is on the increase, spanning the gap between vinyl and laminate and is water, stain and scratch resistant - plus it floats and can be installed through the entire home creating consistency throughout.

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Laminate is made from multiple layers of synthetic products fused together with a lamination process. A photographic applique layer is then adhered and protected by a clear protective layer. Hybrid is claimed as the next generation of flooring and is made to withstand quick changes in temperature, it's extremely hard wearing, waterproof and even tougher than many laminates. Both are:

  • Great for pets and kids as scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • More affordable than timber options
  • Minimal expansion so great for hot and cold areas.