Terms and Conditions



Terms and Conditions of Contract


1. All goods remain the property of The Flooring Centre Ltd (TFC) until paid for in full.


2.(a) A deposit of 50%, or otherwise agreed sum, is to be paid upon placement of order to TFC. The balance is to be paid within 7 days of completion of installation of flooring, unless Hire Purchase or other agreements are made specifically with management of TFC at the time of order confirmation. In the event goods are purchased by TFC from supplier, or put aside from stock, ready to be supplied or installed, and through no fault or control of TFC, the job is delayed, or the goods are not required until a later date, full payment for these goods is required within 7 days of invoice. The purchaser will be invoiced for these goods in the same month as TFC orders in the goods from the manufacturer or supplier.

Progress Claims:

In the event that work is not completed within one calendar month, a progress claim will be made for goods bought in and/or supplied, and services carried out to date. These goods may be stored and insured by TFC at our premises, or delivered to your site by arrangement. Payment is due within 7 days of invoice.

2.(b) Interest: Interest will be charged at 2.5% per month on overdue accounts.

2.(c) Supply Only: In the event of a SUPPLY ONLY contract (i.e. installation is not to be carried out by TFC) goods must be paid for in full before being collected (Progress Claims apply as per 2(a) above). Please check your order carefully as no refunds will be given for over-supply and no responsibility is taken for under-supply from client quantities.


3. Until payment for goods is made in full, the customer hereby grants TFC (or its agent) an irrevocable license and otherwise authorises it to enter land and/or buildings upon which goods are stored, installed or kept, to uplift goods and carry out such work as may be necessary to return the goods to the possession of TFC. All due care will be taken by TFC and or its agents, however no responsibility for damage caused in this process shall lie with TFC. Any legal costs, costs of collection and / or repossession will be further charged by TFC and owed by the purchaser, in addition to the original sum outstanding, as well as interest due as described in 2(b) above.


4. If orders are cancelled, deposits will be non-refundable when the goods have been specifically cut or ordered in for your supply or installation. Any refund or partial refund is entirely at the discretion of TFC management.


5. TFC regrets it is unable to store goods except by special arrangement prior to purchase. TFC does not accept any responsibility for goods held or stored for any longer than 6 months from date of purchase (invoice date).


6. For vinyl flooring or other installations that require adhesive fixing, it is imperative that all substrates are clean and uncontaminated. Paint or other contaminants will usually require sanding off, or removing prior to installation. In the event paint over spray or other contaminants are apparent on the substrate after final quotation, an additional charge will be made for their removal.

7. Upon TFC measure or site inspection, best endeavours will be made by TFC staff to assess the floor or substrate, for suitability and preparation which will be reflected in the quotation or estimate. As it is often not possible to completely view existing substrates, TFC does not accept responsibility for any unforeseen or extra items that become apparent during the preparation or installation process. In this event, TFC will cease work and will forward an additional quote for this work for your approval, prior to continuing.

TFC will not accept responsibility for any movement in the substrate after floorcovering preparation or installation.

8. It is important to note that all cut pile and plush pile carpets will track and shade to varying degrees. Plush pile carpets are particularly susceptible to “shading” (permanent pile reversal) where random light & dark patches may become apparent following installation. This is a characteristic of this style of carpet and is not regarded as a manufacturing fault (refer to the reverse of the carpet sample for further information, we will be happy to discuss this should you have any concerns prior to making your purchasing decision. TFC accepts no responsibility from this “normal” carpet characteristic)

9. Peaking of seams or raised seams is caused by the thickness of the heated joining tape under the carpet. This is an inherent characteristic of a conventional carpet installation stretched over underlay. It is often prominent in some rooms and not in others, as it is dependent on light source, colour and style of carpet. Peaking seams do not constitute an installation fault and are not deemed acceptable grounds for a warranty or installation claim, providing the seam is completed to industry standards and best trade practice.

10. Due to the nature of textured or patterned carpets, variances in width and length can be expected. For this reason an exact pattern match is often not possible and will not be deemed acceptable grounds for a warranty or installation claim.

11. Floor preparation, easing of doors, uplifting of carpets, shifting of furniture, white-ware and appliances will be charged in addition to contract unless specifically quoted for, or prior arrangements have been made between TFC and purchaser.

12. TFC does not accept any responsibility for paint damage to skirtings, walls or adjacent surfaces that have not been allowed to properly dry, cure or harden, in accordance with paint manufacturer’s recommendations (i.e. 15 days for acrylic paints, 28 days for enamel paints). Should paint damage, or damage of any nature occur, during the installation of your new flooring, please advise TFC salesperson or Manager immediately by email, in order that we can inspect and rectify as appropriate. TFC will not accept responsibility for any damage that has not been reported as above, within 7 days of occurrence. No charge, contra charge or deductions from account will be accepted for damage, or any other perceived contra charge items, without this notice, along with a clear written instruction / confirmation from TFC, that responsibility is accepted and agreed.

13. Best endeavours will always be made by TFC, to carry out work or deliver goods in accordance with any pre-arranged dates and times, however no guarantee is given, and TFC is not responsible for any loss, damage or consequential costs resulting from any delays.

14. TFC is not responsible for any costs incurred due to inaccurate measurements or other incorrect information given by the purchaser to TFC, for the purpose of quantifying, pricing or supplying of goods or services.

Dispute Resolution:

15. In the event of a dispute arising between the purchaser and TFC, an independent inspection and report will be undertaken by the manufacturer’s representative or the national flooring body “Floor NZ”. For timber floors, inspections may be undertaken by the Australasian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA). The purchaser hereby agrees to this dispute resolution process and agrees to abide by the findings of this independent report. The purchaser agrees to pay for any fees or costs that may be incurred in the inspection and reporting process, if it is found that no fault is attributed to TFC. The purchaser further agrees that no money will be withheld from payment to TFC at any time including during the dispute process, undertaking of remedial work, product repair or replacement, or in any other circumstance. Full payment will be made by the purchaser to TFC as outlined in Section 2 above.


16. By accepting this contract, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all items above.

Acceptance of TFC standard Terms and Conditions of contract remain in force for all present and future purchases.

Signing of, or reference to the contract quote or estimate (verbally, by email or other communication) is deemed as acceptance of contract, including all contract terms and conditions as above.

TFC reserves the right to cancel the contract in part or in full at any time. TFC will invoice for all work carried out, or goods supplied to date (as per 2a above) Any deposit paid may be refunded partially or fully, excluding any applicable freight or restocking fees.