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Flooring Trends for 2024

Posted January 15, 2024

With a new year come new ideas, trends and styles. Flooring is no different, whether it be new product developments or a trend from years gone by making a return. Mid way through last year, we looked at some of the flooring trends that had emerged in 2023 and to start the year off we’re going to explore the products and styles tipped to be winners this year.


1. Parquet Timber Flooring

Parquet patterns date back to the Roman Empire when they were used in road construction as it was discovered that this installation method created greater stability. This idea then transferred to timber flooring in Europe in the 1500’s when timber parquet flooring was introduced. This included styles such as herringbone and chevron which have made quite the comeback in the last few years. These stunning timber floors are showing no signs of waning in popularity with more customers opting to use this type of flooring in their homes for its timeless appeal and to make their floors a real feature and focal point. Patterned timber-look floors can be seen across many types of hard flooring, from engineered timber to hybrid and even sheet vinyl. This means that whatever your budget, if you desire a patterned timber look for your floors, there’s an option for you! One of our favourites is Hurfords Genuine Oak Parquetry, this stunning engineered timber is sure to wow and elevate your space. Herringbone by Woodland hybrid flooring is a fantastic option for those after something more cost effective that still delivers the aesthetic of timber.


Genuine Oak Parquetry by Hurfords (left) is a beautiful engineered timber option. For those wanting the timber aesthetic without the price tag, the Herringbone by Woodland hybrid range is worth taking a look at.


2. Large Format Flooring

We mentioned this in our mid-year trends blog last year and no surprises, it is here to stay! Bigger is still better when it comes to flooring with customers loving the aesthetic and sense of spaciousness that large format flooring creates. From bigger tiles to longer and wider planks in vinyl, laminate, hybrid and timber, we think this trend won’t be going anywhere soon. Large format flooring creates a space that feels cleaner and more minimal and provides an excellent design foundation for all styles and décor schemes. The newly launched Paradise range from Signature Floors is perhaps one of the largest laminate planks to be released to the market, boasting a massive 2.2m length and 236mm width. In a stunning selection of timber tones, we’re confident this range will be a fast favourite with our customers!


Signature Floors' Paradise laminate range offers a huge plank size of 2.2m creating a clean and minimal aesthetic.


3. Mid Tone Colours

Interior trends certainly seem to swing between light and dark, we all remember the popularity of dark floors paired with white walls a decade or so ago right? This then swung the other way with the last few years seeing a huge leaning towards lighter flooring in light grey, beige and greige (a combination of grey and beige). We now seem to be moving towards a happy middle ground with mid tones getting a look in. This is most evident in hard flooring with the warm and rich middle tones of timber flooring becoming a popular choice. No doubt there will always be a space for dark and light colours and the versatility they provide but it is nice to see a return of some of the brighter and more vivid hues. One of our top picks is California Oak from the Virtue vinyl plank range by Belgotex.


California Oak from the Virtue range by Belgotex is a beautiful mid tone that brings warmth and vibrancy to your space.


4. Rugs

The last decade has seen a shift in flooring design with an increasing number of homeowners including more hard flooring in their homes. Traditionally, carpet would be used in all rooms apart from the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry for obvious reasons. However, it is now far more common to see hard flooring - whether that be vinyl, laminate, hybrid, timber or tiles, used as a floor covering in dining and living areas, hallways, and even bedrooms. This increase in the use of hard flooring has created a greater need for rugs to add the softness and warmth that hard flooring simply cannot provide. As well as being a practical addition to a space, rugs also play an important role in layering and the overall look and feel of a décor scheme. We think rugs will continue to be an important flooring accessory to bring comfort and a sense of cohesion to a space. Bremworth and Signature Floors both offer a great selection of ready to go rugs or they can also make a custom rug if you’re after something more bespoke.


Bremworth have an exquisite range of wool rugs which pair perfectly with hard flooring in lounges, bedrooms and dining rooms providing softness and texture.


5. Textured Carpets

Just like large format flooring, textured carpets were covered in our last trend forecast and it certainly seems they’re here for good. The last three years have seen most of us spend much more of our time at home (thanks Covid!) which led to more of us thinking about not only the look, but also the feel of the homes in which we live. This created a desire for depth, dimension and texture in our home interiors, something that standard cut pile carpets didn’t quite deliver. Enter loop pile carpet. While it has always been around, recent years have seen a resurgence of this timeless and stylish carpet in both solution dyed nylon and wool fibres. Not only does it provide depth and texture, it is also a durable and practical flooring choice. Because of its structure, loop pile carpet is far less likely to show tracking, shading or footprints, delivering excellent appearance retention. Bremworth have established themselves as innovative designers and manufacturers of exquisite textured loop pile carpets made from 100% NZ wool which our customers love. Their Kensho range continues to be a favourite due to its classic style, stunning colour range and incredible price. Belgotex have also introduced some fantastic textured carpets – the Moroccan Berber range is a chunky loop made from solution dyed nylon offering excellent appearance retention. Amore is an on trend high frieze pile carpet providing a unique texture and style for those after something a bit different.


Kensho (left) by Bremworth is a favourite with our customers due to it's beautiful design and amazing price point. Moroccan Berber (right) is one of Belgotex's newest carpet ranges and we're picking it to be a winner with it's gorgeous texture and colour selection.


6. Environmentally Friendly Flooring

No longer just a token phrase, sustainability is something now expected by consumers with many taking this into consideration in their purchasing decisions. In response to this, our suppliers are all making conscious choices to move towards more sustainable flooring – from the materials used in production to manufacturing processes. Customers want flooring that not only functions well and looks great but that also aligns with their values. Bremworth are an excellent example of a company that have responded to this new environmental awareness with their commitment to using renewable materials to create their rugs and carpets. The Timber Top range of engineered timber flooring from Jacobsen is another example of how our suppliers are meeting the needs of the market with sustainable products that consider the planet.


Timber Top from Jacobsen is a stunning range of engineered timber flooring that ticks the boxes when it comes to sustainability so you can have beautiful floors that are kind to the planet too.


7. Low Maintenance Durable Options

With busy fast paced lives, not many of us have hours spare to clean our homes right? Customers want flooring that is easy to clean and as low maintenance as possible. In terms of carpet, there are now some pretty incredible products on the market that offer not only stain resistance but are actually stain proof. This is particularly appealing to homes and families with young children and pets, we all know the mess that our little people and furry friends can create! Belgotex have a great selection of solution dyed nylon stain proof carpets including the recently launched Napa Valley range. When it comes to hard flooring, most types are pretty easy to keep clean however they don’t all wear the same. Laminate is an excellent choice for busy homes as it offers excellent scratch resistance. Being a highly durable product, it is known for its longevity – it will continue to look good for years to come!


The Napa Valley range from Belgotex is stain proof making it perfect for busy families and homes, especially those with pets and young ones!


So there you have it, our flooring trends forecast for 2024! If you’re thinking about new flooring for your home this year, our expert team are here to help! Pop in and see us to have a chat or get in touch, we would love to talk all things flooring with you!

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