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Laminate flooring options look better, perform better and feel better than ever underfoot.

If you are renovating, or building new we would highly recommend that you read about the New Zealand Building Code E3/AS1 updates that may mean you need to get your new flooring approved through council, or make allowances to meet the code.

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Laminate is made from multiple layers of synthetic products fused together with a lamination process. A photographic applique layer is then adhered and protected by a very strong clear protective layer. Laminate flooring options are looking better than ever with huge advances in technology. Many now offer really good water resistant warranties and 

  • Great for pets and kids
  • Easy to clean
  • More affordable than timber options
  • Minimal expansion so great for hot and cold areas
  • Some laminates are not appropriate for wet areas like bathrooms. If you're not going for tiles it's best to check with your flooring consultant regarding options.

What's the difference between Laminate and hybrid flooring?