Vinyl flooring has evolved extensively over the years. Modern vinyl flooring will often replicate authentic designs from wood flooring, ceramic tiles, natural stones and slate, even linoleum.

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With most of these at first glance, it is incredibly hard to tell the difference from the real thing. Vinyl flooring can offer many advantages over timber and tile products such as easy cleaning, less seams, quieter underfoot, softer and less costly. We even have non-slip vinyl flooring which offers greater safety particularly for the elderly or for those wet areas. A major revolution in vinyl flooring has been the introduction of “Luxury Vinyl Tiles” which are extensively displayed at The Flooring Centre.

Vinyl flooring also replicates natural products, including a large selection of timber look floors. These are installed as individual planks or tiles and look even more authentic than sheet vinyls. With “Luxury Vinyl Tiles” we can create a floor with a design as individual as your home or business. Many installations have custom borders and inserts. Even company branding or logos can be inserted to really individualise your flooring selection. Generally when installing this type of flooring there is very little waste which means it can be an economical, cost effective choice.