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The Flooring Centre displays over 2000 different carpet options, offering a massive selection from all the leading manufacturers and distributors, including Godfrey Hirst, Feltex, Robert Malcolm, Bremworth, Belgotex, Jacobsen and Signature Floors. 

If you are renovating, or building new we would highly recommend that you read about the New Zealand Building Code E3/AS1 updates that may mean you need to get your new flooring approved through council, or make allowances to meet the code.


Below you will find information to help you narrow down the best carpet in terms of colour, fibre, style and price to suit your space. 


Carpet Colour

There is a reason neutral coloured carpets are so popular when it comes to choosing carpet – most people tend to choose a carpet colour that will not go out of fashion quickly due to the cost of replacement. When choosing the colour of your carpet, make sure you go to the showroom and get some samples. Carpet colour can change dramatically under different lighting, be it night or day, or even by a window or nearer the middle of the room. When installed, carpet can appear up to 20% lighter over a larger space than it does on the sample.

The above samples are from the Belgotex Softology301 range which features a range of hues designed for the modern home.

Top Tips: Make sure you get a good selection of carpet samples and when looking at the carpet samples in the space, place a white sheet under the sample so existing carpet or colours around it don’t reflect and skew the colour. It is also helpful to look at the carpet sample from a distance as this will be more aligned with the way you will view it when installed.


Carpet Fibre

There are four main carpet fibres you will see in The Flooring Centre showroom and online. There are many pros and a few cons to each and below we have outlined some of the differences. When you visit the product library you will be able to select carpet by fibre to help with your selection and see how they differ.

Polyester & Polypropylene Carpet

Similar fibres that are reasonably new to the market, but have gained popularity for being an affordable option. Polyester and Polypropylene carpets are known for being super soft while being incredibly stain and fade resistant. Options in these ranges are often well priced and very affordable but we encourage you to talk to your sales person about the appearance retention and durability of the product in conjunction with your lifestyle before purchase to make sure it’s the right choice for you. 

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet

Known for being resilient and hard wearing, solution dyed nylon carpet has made a name for itself as an affordable option for many, and often the carpet go to for families with kids and pets. It is tough, fade resistant and particularly good if you have floor to ceiling windows which are hugely popular in NZ.

Wool Carpet

Known for its ability to wear well and its luxurious feeling under foot, wool carpet is a premium flooring product. Being a natural product wool can help to regulate the temperature in your home by up to 20% but be careful if you have large windows as darker colour wool carpets tend to fade a little more noticeably in direct sunlight.


Carpet Style

There are many different styles available when it comes to carpet. Two of the most popular options are cut pile and loop pile – and there are many variations of each.

Cut Pile

To get a cut pile carpet the fibre loops are sewn into the backing and are sheared off to expose the ends of the carpet fibre. A cut pile twist tends to be popular, the pile is highly twisted which results in a luxurious feel that is hardwearing and ideal for high traffic areas. The slightly textured finish is less likely to show shading or tracking than some other options.

Cut pile plush is sometimes called velvet or velour carpet and has a very formal look, it’s shaved off to a short upright fibre with a slight twist. It can sometimes be prone to tracking from footprints.

Feltex Cable Bay in colour Erie - You can see in the close up that the carpet has been shorn so that the fibre sticks up. This style is called a cut-pile.

Loop Pile

As the name suggests loops are used to create a soft and smooth feel, which can be adapted to create patterns with a mix of high and low loops. While loop pile has always been an option it is seeing a resurgence as it comes back into fashion for its modern and textured appearance.

Loop pile carpets are deceivingly hard wearing and hold their appearance well in frequently used and high traffic areas around the home and commercial spaces. Loop pile carpets also offer superior durability and excellence in appearance retention meaning your carpet looks newer for longer.

Galet Loop Pile Sienna  
Above: Featuring Galet in colour Sienna by Bremworth. 
Above right: Galet in colour Pumice illustrates how the felted wool is looped over. This makes for a hard wearing yet luxurious carpet with excellent appearance retention.

Carpet Price

Carpet is often sold by the Broadloom Metre (BLM). This can be confusing to many when it comes to estimating price. One broadloom metre is equivalent to 3.66 square metres – and to make things even more confusing, sometimes it can be sold as a 4 metre wide roll, resulting in 4 square metres.

To make things easier, we have converted our carpet to a square metre indication price to help you work out a rough estimate of what you are looking at spending – you can use the carpet calculator to help work this out too and get an instant estimate.

In store you will also find that we have worked out an estimate of the cost of each carpet to purchase and install in your house as a guideline.

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It’s always helpful for our measurer if the home owner can be present whenever possible as they may need to ask you questions about your home and your expectation to get the best results.



Carpet Installation

Installation is unique to every property. Our team will work with you to arrange for your selection of flooring to be installed to the highest standard. During the measuring and quoting process we will assess you floor to the best of our ability to estimate the required pre-installation work required.