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Hybrid Flooring

If you are renovating, or building new we would highly recommend that you read about the New Zealand Building Code E3/AS1 updates that may mean you need to get your new flooring approved through council, or make allowances to meet the code.

Hybrid flooring in the most simple of terms is vinyl combined with a limestone core to create a click together plank - similar in appearance to laminate. The result is a hardwearing flooring option that is 100% waterproof.


When hybrid flooring first hit the market it was sold by many as a product that doesn't expand or contract. This is inherently incorrect and we have fixed many a floor where this information has been given to customers by other flooring retailers. Hybrid flooring will expand and contract therefore expansion gaps are required around all perimeters including up against Kitchen benches or other joinery and in many cases, also in doorways. It is important to understand that a Hybrid floor (just like a Laminate floor) must be able to raft freely and cannot be pinned down by heavy objects such as waterfall benchtops. Hybrid floors must also be able expand freely around doorstops; this has been a cause of considerable issues in the past when doorstops have been fitted over Hybrid flooring without the required expansion.

There are many “tricks and tips” that our team are well skilled in to ensure that your new Hybrid floor is installed correctly and will serve you well in all areas of your home (including wet areas) for many years to come.

What's the difference between Laminate and hybrid flooring?