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UK To NZ: Work as a Flooring Installer

The Flooring Centre is an independently owned New Zealand business with huge focus on quality flooring - with our head office in Christchurch. From our expert sales teams in residential and commercial flooring though to highly skilled installers, we have always focused on excellence and employ over 50 staff in New Zealand. We work on a range of homes and commercial projects and sometimes we have travel opportunities available to Queenstown and other more remote areas. We also have a staff social club and enjoy a bit of fun along the way - with a great work culture. 

The Flooring Centre is an accredited AEWV New Zealand employer and we can offer you a fast track through immigration as long as you meet a certain criteria. You can apply directly once we have spoken to you to ensure that you can meet our requirements.

  • Highly skilled and experienced flooring professionals (including carpet, vinyl, timber and laminate).
  • Drivers license preferred and willing to obtain New Zealand drivers license. 

The Flooring Centre will give full training on working to meet New Zealand Flooring Standards and Health and Safety requirements, which will be undertaken on arrival.

As a New Zealand employee you will be able to accrue 4 weeks of annual leave each year, 10 days sick leave after 6 months and we shut down over the Christmas break to enjoy the holiday period. 

Why move to Christchurch, New Zealand?

Christchurch City Laneway

Christchurch, New Zealand is on the South Island of New Zealand and enjoys access to the great outdoors alongside modern city living and exceptional restaurants and entertainment venues. Daylight saving means that in the middle of summer the sun doesn't go down until 9.30pm and you can enjoy your evenings at the beaches or sitting on the deck enjoying a beer in the evening sun. In winter it's 90 minutes to the ski fields or the hot pools in Hanmer Springs - there is so much to offer within a very short distance.

Hanmer Springs (1 Hour & 30 Minute Drive) 
Queenstown (1 Hour & 10 Minute Flight)
Akaroa (1 Hour & 20 Minute Drive)
Kaikoura (2 Hour Drive)

Or check out everything else New Zealand has to offer here - it really isn't hard to get anywhere within a few hours!

We have beautiful scenery and activities in New Zealand we also have a massive skills shortage in lot's of areas. Flooring installers are difficult to come by and we have more work than we know what to do with. With building homes forecast to continue for years to come, we envisage a lot more flooring to be installed in the years to come.

Living in Christchurch

The cost of living is going up around the world, but Christchurch offers some of the cheaper options of major New Zealand cities. In New Zealand many families live in stand alone houses, or apartments. You can choose to either live in the city near The Flooring Centre which is in Riccarton, only a few minutes from the central city, or live in a more rural setting with a commute of only 20 to 30 minutes to work. Christchurch has many options and is a very flat city, placed on the Canterbury plains, making transport and commutes around the region easy. 

Apply to work at The Flooring Centre

To apply please contact Managing Director, Steve Musson by filling in the form below. He will make contact with you via email to let you know whether we would like to continue with an employment offer.