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Carpet Prices in NZ

Posted February 1, 2022

New carpet prices in New Zealand (NZ) can be daunting. When people think new carpet they think major expense, and in most cases they're right - however there are more reasonable options too. Read below to learn more about carpet and how to determine what you need to spend to carpet your home.
Price and quality often come hand in hand when it comes to carpet.

If you want to go for a low cost carpet, it will look good for a while before it starts to flatten out a little and lose that lovely new carpet look and feel. It's a generalisation that's not true in every case, but on the whole, the better the fibre and carpet design, the more it will cost - but the longer it will last. Price is always a consideration but often, longevity should be number one.

Over the last few years in New Zealand we have really seen a resurgence in the demand for naturally sourced products and products made right here in New Zealand - and carpet is no different. Wool carpet is really becoming a viable option for many homes now, with wool options now available from approximately $45 per square metre, which is only slightly more than a midrange solution dyed nylon product like our biggest SDN seller Pleasant Point ($39.60 per square metre). These are both what we would call mid-range carpets which will be hard wearing family friendly carpets that will have a good lifespan if well maintained. 

More into the luxe look and feel? Want a carpet that is made from premium products like felted New Zealand wool or premium, stainproof solution dyed nylon? If that's more you, then you have options that will make people ooh and aah when they enter your home. A high end carpet will last for years to come and maintain is luxe appearance and feel. So, if that's you, you are paying more to get more. 
Photo: Features Rockefeller in colour Zinc from Jacobsen

How long do you need the carpet to last?

Think about what you need out of the carpet in terms of life span. Do you need carpet for your home that's your forever home? A home you have invested a lot of time and money into and plan to stay in for the long haul? If that's the plan then we would suggest investing in a carpet that is going to ONE, reflect the interior value of your home, and TWO, meet your budget requirements. This means that the best option for a forever home is to get the best carpet that your budget can afford. If you do this then you will get the largest amount of time possible out of your carpet, while it looks its absolute best. 

Or, are you planning to renovate and sell? In this case what we see many people do is a buy a carpet that will last for a reasonable amount of time and also a carpet that suits the value of the home - often in a neutral tone. This may save a little budget for the renovator. What also happens when people move into a new house is that they decide to change the flooring because their personal taste is different to the owner before. Renovators and house flippers are aware of this and don't want to waste money on flooring when it will likely be changed again in the near future.

TOP TIP: Don't forget the value of a great underlay when purchasing carpet. Often, to upgrade your underlay, it may only be a few hundred dollars for the whole project. Going from a 10mm/95kg to an 11mm/130kg underlay will help to increase the longevity of your carpet, the underfoot comfort, the acoustics and the insulation in your home. It's money well spent and we can't recommend enough.

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With carpet prices in NZ on the rise, when should you buy carpet?

With the economic challenges we are facing and shipping cost skyrocketing, we are seeing at the moment, we are finding that our suppliers are now passing on the rising costs that they can no longer sustain. It's not looking like we are going to see a change in these circumstances in the near future.

Carpet prices have traditionally increased in price annually, sometimes bi-annually and sometimes even less often than that. Currently we are routinely seeing prices increase as often as quarterly with further prices rises on the near horizon. If you are in the market for carpet, we would highly recommend that you don't put it off in the hope of seeing prices reduce or a big sale. Demand is through the roof with huge demand from the residential sector as subdivisions go into over drive and people continue to renovate. 

Is there another option with carpet prices in NZ increasing?

Sometimes people want the warmth of carpet instead of the cooler hard flooring option that they currently have. But, there are cheaper options, such as a custom rug made from a gorgeous textured or patterned carpet. Rugs can cost a fraction of what it would cost to prepare the sub-floor, purchase and install underlay and carpet and they can add texture and luxury to your space - you can even roll them away and pop them in storage for the warmer months if you prefer. 

Check out this stunning custom rug (left). It was ordered by one of our awesome builders JD Homes to lay over a beautiful polished concrete floor. It adds warmth aesthetically and will keep your toes toasty over the cooler months. The rug is made from Red Persian which comes from the Feltex, Artisan range.

Keen on new carpet but not sure how you're going to finance it?

Carpet for a small home can start from as low as $3000 installed and there are some amazing finance options around as well to help make things a little easier on the pocket. The Flooring Centre are affiliated with QCard and QMastercard to provide quality finance options. Terms and conditions apply and can be found on our QCard webpage and on the QCard website

If you have chosen to use QCard, the best time to do this is when there is a special offer. For example 24 months interest free is going to save you on interest and give you time to pay off your brand new carpet - while it's installed in your home. However, on any day you can walk in and get an interest free offer for 6 months if you can't afford to wait. 

How do I get an idea of the actual cost of carpet prices in NZ?

The Flooring Centre Flooring Calculators are super popular online tool and quickly give you a very good idea of the cost of carpet. You can enter in the size of your spaces and the carpet (or other flooring type) you like and it will give you a good estimate of the costs associated with your chosen flooring and installation. 

Whether you want an economical solution dyed nylon through to a luxury wool (or even timber or tiles), the flooring calculators are designed to give you a quality estimate. 


Understanding the cost of carpet in The Flooring Centre showrooms.

At The Flooring Centre we have calculated the House Lot Price for a standard homes worth of carpet and on each ticket you will find the cost to install in your home. The House lot pricing you will find on most tickets will give you a great indication of the cost including installation, underlay and the carpet. 



Not sure about the Flooring Calculators or ready to move from an estimate to a quote? The Flooring Centre can also book a FREE measure and quote that will give you a plan down to where your seams will be positioned.

Our experts will come to your house, inspect your sub-floor as closely as they can with any existing floor coverings (if it's a renovation) and measure up. We will then provide a detailed quote with a full run down of what will be provided as part of it. 


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